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Biological Warfare.

There's posters all over campus to cover your cough and cold. They're everywhere and it's annoying me becuase I'm sick.

So I'm sneezing on them >>>:{D



Le Tired

 I has a cold I think, borrowing you "sick" tag for a bit dude.






Disturbance Call is Disturbing

Woo! Police just showed up and I think I just got a misdemeanor/strike! I'm hoping this makes me some kind of badass, scans later or I'll show you the report myself. Whichever happens first HAHAHAHAHAHA



My favorite song, Despues, can't be embedded. But go give it a listen! Apparenlty she came out with a new album back in January, Y.

So....can someone tell me what it means? Something about eating ham.

Here's the lyrics for Despues, by Bebe and Los Dilinquentes ~

Después del humo negro hay que ser valiente
y despertar, y vivir como vive la gente. Hay que
ser valiente amigo, yo tengo que volar!

No, ya no puedo quedarme aquí, si
tú quieres, quédate tú. Esta
vida no es para mí, yo quiero vivir con
amor, con mi gente abajito del sol. Con las olas y
el amanecer, como un niño jugando otra vez,
sin parar de correr después.

Estoy embrujado y ladro como un perro, yo me
siento un animal, la oscuridad me puede y me
lleva. Si me aburro miento, yo solito me abro las
heridas, sin idea yo retengo el destino de mi
pobre vida.

Yo no quiero malos rencores, sólo busco
todas las salidas, libertad que me espera
más allá del sur.

Te digo que no, yo no puedo quedarme aquí,
si tú quieres, quédate tú.
Esta vida no es para mí, yo quiero vivir
con amor, con mi gente abajito del sol. Con las
olas y el amanecer, como un niño jugando
otra vez, sin parar de correr después.

Hace mucho tiempo que he acordao yo con el
viento, con las nubes del cielo azules. Escucha a
la gente porque ya se sabe, quién es malo, tiene el
mundo aterrorizao con la guerra y con los misiles.

El potaje nunca la probao. No sé si a
mí me ha pasao, que me siento perdedor. Yo
te juro por mis cuernos que tengo que seguir.

Yo te digo que no, yo no puedo quedarme
aquí, si tú quieres quédate tu,
esta vida no es para mi,
yo quiero vivir, y comer jamón,
olvida para siempre el reloj,
caminando hacia el atardecer, como un
niño jugando otra vez, sin parar de correr

Después de un largo tiempo
escondío, todo oscuro con hambre y muerto
de frío. Sin nada que hacer, tan
sólo esperar. Busco libertad, amigo
mío, tengo que volar. Tengo que volar,
tengo que volar.

Here's a different song, off her new album:

Just another Thursday.

Star Trek makes me want to be an astronaut.

or join the Air Force =/


That's one way to be a Mermaid

Look what Malinghi drew for my Birthday !!! the fish is not happy...
So yeah! Creative ain't it! <3 I'm 21 now.

Psuedo Job

I got 2 jobs so far. Door moniter Temp for my college campus' bookstore beginning in August. May lead to permanent employment as cashier on campus at bookstore. The other job is cleaning the house of the lady I rent from once a month. She asked last week if I could do that today and liked me so much that she wants me to do this once a month. I still need that part time summer job to get me through to August and, GASP, pay for textbooks summer sessions since I has no pell grant to speak of anymore.

Still wanna be a mermaid for hire. thinking of using this money I made to order an Okaaay monofin instead of the uber fantastic $255 dollar one I'd like to save for. But the sooner I can get this mermaid business started the better.


I applied to a bar and grill today that's across the street from my new place. Last tuesday I moved out here and needed a new job. If I take this bar and grill gig though, I'd have to drop two classes in the summer. I try to justify this with the fact that I always drop 2 classes a semester anyways. And Inn & Out is hiring hardcore down the way.
I don't know what my priorities are this summer though, like...concretely. I wanna do school and kick ass and get ahead. And work and get caught up with my unending bills. I want to pass my kyu test for karate this summer and get rid of my white belt finally. I really, really want to go surfing again. ,,

My senpai in Karate gave me a carve board, its this huuuuuuuuge .....four foot? longboard with wheels as big as my head. It's suppose to be a cross trainer for surfing when the waves are down. I need to sell it though to make rent at my new place.
I did apply to Oneil's surf shop in Anaheim. I'm gonna check in with them tomorrow, email a manager or something.

This summer I want to start being a mermaid for hire too, so that means buying another monofin, making a tail out of swim fabric or neoprene, taking photos and videos and getting gigs. I really want this to work out for me,

But jesus christ I had an interveiw this morning at the campus bookstore and I slept through it. F.U.C.K.

...For work I want something on the weekends, so I can go to all my classes AND their required lab hours each day. I want something where I don't have to wear a uniform and show up looking however I want (with pink hair), I want to work on computers again and make enough to pay off my bills in three months. And I don't want whoever I'm working for to be a total asshole again. 

 its sink or swim right now, and I'm trying to be a mermaid xD


This guy is adorable. and the fins he sells are so totally badass. www.mertailor.com

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